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Hard Drive Technology

Course Length: 2 days
CPR Tools' Hard Drive Technology course is an introduction to hard drives and the technology of legacy, today's and tomorrow's drives.

Attendees will become familiar with handling hard drives and be introduced to the technology behind magnetic data storage.  There is limited "hands on" in this course.

This course is a recommended prerequisite for Data Recovery Basics.

Data Recovery Basics

CPR Tools' Data Recovery Basics course covers the entire spectrum of hardware data recovery, from changing PCBs to changing heads.

Extensive use of industry standard and proprietary techniques combined with real-world "hands on" training in a clean room environment.

Course length: 3 days

Basic Bus Analyzer

Course Length: 2 days
CPR Tools' Basic Bus Analyzer course covers the basic use of a bus analyzer using the Finisar™ Bus Doctor.  The course offers attendees hands-on training with a bus analyzer.

Using a program written by CPR Tools software engineers, attendees will send pre-determined ATA commands.  Attendees will see the results displayed on the screen on the bus analyzer as well as within the program.

File Systems

CPR Tools' File Systems course takes an in-depth look at today's most popular file systems.

FAT File System - This course segment describes file systems in general and gives the student a historical look at limitations to hard disk size, why these limitations occurred and how they were rectified.  Attendees will learn what happens when you format a disk and then transition to the FAT file system where the student will learn how to traverse the file system.

NTFS File System - This course segment describes the NTFS file system.  Attendees will learn NTFS file and directory structure and how to traverse the file system.

EXT2/3 File System - This course segment describes the EXT2 file system. Attendees will learn EXT2 file and directory structure and how to traverse the file system.

Course length: 2 days


Course Length: 1 day
In this course, attendees will learn how to interact with the latest ViewDisk software.  Topics covered include how to traverse sectors, copy sectors and copy an entire hard disk.  The student will receive classroom instruction as well as extensive hands on experience with the software.

RAID (Redundant Array of Independent Disks)

This course covers RAID definitions and terminology.  Hands on training is provided, including setting up servers and common RAID management software.

Course length: 1 day