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Data Recovery Services
Providing a service level and technical personnel to accommodate any conceivable data recovery requirement is what CPR Tools is all about.

We specialize in data recovery from electronic storage devices.
Hard drives, CDs, RAID arrays, Solid State (flash, thumb drives, iPods, etc)

CPR Tools data recovery staff is experienced in recovering data from hard drives from all manufacturers and from any interface imaginable. From the legacy drives of the early 1970s to the most cutting edge solid state storage devices, CPR Tools has the ability, the motivation and the talent to get the job done.

From common software-correctable hard drive errors including but not limited to SMART errors, MFT corruption and Boot Sector corruption to the most severe physical hard drive issues such as head crashes, electrical or electronic failures and motor failures, our talented and experienced staff of data recovery engineers will go the extra mile to retrieve your data whenever possible.

CPR Tools has based its data recovery paradigm on one simple statement:

"We succeed where others are fearful of even trying"

CPR Tools’ Data Recovery Team has successfully recovered data from media of every conceivable format and type including:

8” Floppy Media Optical Media
Bubble Memory Magnetic Tape Media
MFM/RLL Hard Drives Water Damaged Media
Solid State Media Physically Damaged Media

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