From hard disk repair to data recovery and research

In the early days of our dependence on magnetic media, the founders of CPR Tools were on the cutting edge of hard drive development, working with and for leading manufacturers.

It became clear that repairing hard drives and recovering data from crashed, damaged or mishandled media was a niche that had been as yet unfilled.  In its initial stages, CPR Tools was a drive repair depot.

Recognizing a growing need for more advanced repairs, the drive repair depot slowly developed into a provider of data recovery services.  Experience in the hard drive manufacturing industry allowed the unique perspective of CPR Tools engineers and technicians to create groundbreaking techniques, devices and utilities to improve their ability to successfully recover data.

Since its beginning, CPR Tools has stayed ahead of the curve in data recovery, developing new and exciting techniques and applications to serve their valued clients. 

CPR Tools has expanded its scope and now offers training and research services.

Corporate growth in the past few years has enabled us to enhance our services and products; all services are performed in our newly expanded 10,000 square foot facility

Today, CPR Tools is one of the few companies involved in hard drive research and data recovery with a strong background in the hard drive manufacturing industry.

Mission Statement

The past, present and future successes of CPR Tools rest on its ability to adapt to the pace of the constantly changing technologies available to and utilized by its clients.  The company's commitment to serve its clients defines its mission clearly.

"CPR Tools provides solutions by redefining boundaries."

The scope of research at CPR Tools runs the gamut of data encoding, encryption and storage to the development of software utilities, custom hardware and mechanical techniques to better serve the needs and requirements of its clients.